Experimenting with multimedia art.

[This post contains 8 images] Personally speaking, the serious side of art is oil painting, however, these days I often find myself experimenting with multimedia. I deliberately do not have a plan, because part of the joy of the art is picking up something that will make a mark and making it work!

I have a range of colored pencils, inks, felt tip pens and pastels, etc. I start with one media and as the art progresses, I add another and then another.

Multimedia art.

I try different mixes, textures, and colors and I often add a little acrylic paint or ink to accentuate something. If I am not satisfied with the progress of a piece of art, I persevere to save the art. This is why mixed media is so effective. Through trial and error, what I am trying to create will emerge, and I am happy to say that none of my attempts have landed up in the bin yet!

Finally, I must just add that working with multimedia is extremely pleasurable and it makes me think further than a brush. My whole hand – fingers, wrist, and even my fist gets a good workout too! πŸ˜‚ I work fast – a good mental exercise, but most of all I am in a happy space, and I forget about the negatives of life for a while. Try it, you will love it.

Geranium’s in the Mediterranean. Multi-Media.

I love painting flowers in a still-life, but I get such a kick out of designing the vases that I paint them in! ~ Caroline Street.

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