The Web of Lies

The poem, The Web of Lies, was difficult to write as I did not want to bring the spider into disrepute, because it does have a purpose in the Circle of Life, however nothing describes lies, living a lie, or living in a lie better than a web. (As explained in the poem.)


Observation of the Daedalian design 

Of thread as strong as steel,      

Reveals the arachnid’s clever trap        

Composed to capture and kill.

As the gossamer is quickly spun

The nimble spider is to be admired, 

As it weaves a fascinating pattern 

Of spirals or gauze, whichever is required.  

A shaft of light upon the delicate string

Spun north, south, east, and west, 

Gives the illusion of a beautiful thing, 

Yet, lurking within is a frightening pest.     

Each fibre is a complex, philosophical thought, 

Peppered with curious and extensive lies

Reaching deep into the caves of the mind.  

So is the victim deluded and the lie bought. 


The web of deceit is now a crisscrossed infection. 

It’s consequence, an affliction of syndromes

With seemingly no effective prescription. 

The trapped now entombed in the belly of the lie. 


Proud and satisfied is the creature, 

Hidden, except for the pin-prick eyes. 

With another prize securely bound, 

The spider prepares for another round. 

Some of us LOVE spiders and some HATE them! I neither love nor hate them, but they do fascinate me and that is why I enjoy photographing them.

Not all spider’s are frightening, here is a very pretty orb spider with amazing colours.

© Copyright Caroline Street Art/Poetry/Photography.

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