The Valley of Trouble

This is the painting and poem of the 4th Place of Spiritual Abundance, the Valley of Trouble. The painting and poem have the same title. The place, the Valley of Achor, also known as the Valley of Trouble, is mentioned in the Old Testament. It is not a fictitious place, but it has more spiritual meaning to me than the physical place itself. My painting is symbolic of the real valley and depicts a beautiful, refreshing valley. This is my experience of the work of Jesus Christ in my life. The poem also emphasises this.

Note: There are seven Spiritual Places of Abundance. I have only completed four paintings/poems at this stage. Beneath are the completed spiritual places.

The Plain of Sharon

Mount Carmel

The Cedars of Lebanon.

THE VALLEY OF TROUBLE.(The Fourth Spiritual Place of Abundance)

I came face to face with my troubles

Like Achan did in the Valley of Achor.

But unlike Achan, who found no reprieve

And was stoned for his misdeeds,

I was set free by a man called Jesus.

For Achan, there was no substitute for sin.

No scapegoat for his transgressions,

Which through association also caused the death of his kin.

To this day, the rocks in Achor cover their remains;

A grim reminder of the penalty they paid.

Thankfully! my Redeemer has set me free!

Forgiven; My sin deleted in the spiritual valley.

Never again will it condemn me!

By the blood of Christ I exist in love, grace, and mercy.

And in life, more abundantly.

Reward follows faith in the King,

As does edification, contentment, and peace.

Jesus broke the curse and replaced it with blessings,

Hence, I have moved from decrease to increase.

I’m above and not beneath.

I have departed from the valley of the shadow of death,

Resting in green pastures my soul is restored;

Renewed each day through the washing of the Word,

And the promises of God fulfills my mandate.

Thank you Jesus! I have heard!

The Valley of Achor explained:

©️ Copyright Caroline Street Art/Poetry/Photography.

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