One drawing with three conclusions.

I used a fruit and nut theme in this digital drawing and finished them off differently, moving the fruits and nuts to different positions and changing the colors.

I am not a digital art specialist. The simplest part is the drawing; this I can do, but I struggle with the deeper knowledge of the art. I progress only on a need to know basis, and as soon as I have done this, I lose the knowledge very quickly as I do not make notes. Every time I attempt digital art, it is like learning it from the beginning again. I might sound crazy, but this is one of the things I enjoy about the art. Each new creation is a challenge and I never really know what result I will achieve. It is like opening a gift!

Fruit and Nuts Abstract
Apples, Oranges and Nuts
Apples and Cashews

I am in my element when I create still-life art, which is really just placing and coloring geometric shapes, however it is how this is achieved that will give these mundane shapes substance and purpose. 

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