It’s not often I have seen a languid leopard.

The leopards I have seen in the Kruger Park are usually walking quickly across the road, or having an afternoon siesta under the shade of a tree, but I have never seen a leopard practically asleep on its feet.

The first time I saw the cat, I thought she was going to jump down onto the ground.

However, I was surprised to see that she had turned around and just sat there. She seemed uncomfortable somehow.

She made to a decision to stay on the branch and rest up.

This allowed me to get a couple of good pics, and wow, what a handsome, perfect specimen. I did sense her tiredness though, and look at that distended stomach! This could by why she decided to stay on the branch, as squeezing through that fork was difficult.

Then she bowed her head to sleep.

And sleep…zzzz.

Here is the photo I left out of the initial part of the story. She had just killed and eaten an impala, and this possibly took a few hours. The kill would have tired her out, and after the meal, sleep was definitely on the cards.

And all that was left of her prey was the head and legs. I am thrilled she had a good meal and a deserved rest. Once revived, she possibly ate some more or perhaps took the remains down into the bush to feed her cubs.

Copyright © Caroline Street Art/Poetry/Photography.

8 thoughts on “It’s not often I have seen a languid leopard.

  1. Caroline, beautiful photos of the languid leopard. A beautiful animal and your photos capture it wonderfully here. The one of it sleeping is so cute! Yikes! A bit a wake up to see the impala – is that normal for them to place it high up in a tree?

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    1. Thank you Annika. Yes, it is common for leopards to haul their prey into a tree. Leopards have very strong neck and shoulders, but they are less than half the size of a mature lioness. They can carry pray, often heavier than themselves up a tree, and this is an advantage in the wild where predators could challenge them for their prey. They would surely lose their well earned meal to others. They are lonesome animals and do not have the backup of a group.


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