Mount Zion

I have been working on this series of paintings and poems for six months, and my excitement is rising, because this task is almost finished! I have one more place of spiritual abundance to complete. This post features the 6th Place of Spiritual Abundance, i.e., the painting and poem about Mount Zion. All the previous spiritual places have been posted on this site already.

All I can say at this stage is what an amazing journey I have been on, and it is not over yet!

(6th Spiritual Place of Abundance.)

Delivered from the slavery of Egypt, they came to Zion, 
Singing praises to Yahweh for all He had done. 
Just as the crops and flocks received His blessing,        
So too were the people like a watered garden.

King David, beloved of God, yet a man of war, 
Envisioned a temple in the heights of Zion. 
However, God commanded him to withdraw 
As the task was for a man of peace: David’s heir and son. 

Solomon erected the temple during his reign, 
A glorious place to thank the Lord for His goodness and grace.
Daily provision and peace were maintained, 
Whilst the people remained in Gods embrace. 

In time, the people rebelled and turned from God.
Their hardened hearts puffed with pride,
Certain offering their children to other gods, 
Resulting in the turning of the tide. 

God was enraged. The people died at the hands of their foes,   
Even their evil consumed their existence. 
Yet, the ever-faithful God kept His covenant with the fathers, 
Ensuring a remnant of the people were saved by providence.

God’s love reached beyond the chosen to all on earth, 
Consequently, spiritual Zion was born, Jesus, God’s Son. 
He lay down his life for us, securing our rebirth,
Righteousness, and eternal life through faith in Him. 


Let everlasting joy be upon my head, for I have come to Zion. – Isa 35.19

Copyright © Caroline Street Art|Poetry|Photography.

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  1. We look forward to that place of abundance even as we get a taste here and now. I will have to check out the other posts in this series, Caroline!

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