The Garden of Eden. Walking with God.

This is the final painting and poem of the Seven Spiritual Places of Abundance, the Garden of Eden. The Garden, before the fall, contained everything that the mind and body could possibly require, however, these blessings and gifts are still attainable through a life in Christ. Jesus did not just die to cleanse us from sin, but to give us life and life more abundantly* on earth and in the hereafter.

I questioned my purpose for a long time and thank God, I have discovered the answer to this through prayer and study of the Word. It is actually so simple. The answer was glaring at me for years.

*John 10.10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. John 10.10

THE GARDEN OF EDEN (Walking with God).
The 7th Spiritual Place of Abundance

I set my foot upon the path under melodious skies,   

Gazing around in gasping wonder 

At the living artistry displayed before my eyes. 

Creations of form and color of every order, 

Man, and beast content, side by side. 

Eden is my joyful place, overflowing

With tangible and spiritual mirabilia. 

As Adam did in the quiet of the gloaming

So do I speak with God in the still of the morning, 

Attentive as He reveals His plan 

Set down before time began. 

I am wonderfully made in His likeness, so must I echo 

His Truth and creative Spirit - His glow! 

He has graced me with spiritual gifts and fruits 

To achieve His will, my purpose, for use  

Without circumspect in all facets of existence.

I appropriate such grace by the measure of my prayer

With much more beside:  

Forgiven, blessed, healed – free!

Even by authority in Christ I have power to endure,

Overcoming any conflict the world throws at me. 

In His name enemies flee! 


I approach all things with God-given assurance

In Eden, my consistent, joyful, place. 

With faith and thankfulness of heart I praise Him   

For the supply of every spiritual and physical blessing. 

As He planned so will He purpose. He will never fail. 

Not my plans, but His will prevail. 


I conceive that prayer gives God freedom 

To rule on Earth, however without faith 

Received through the Word and communication,  

Our predestined path cannot be birthed. 

Consequently, we will never grasp our ultimate worth.

On the Seventh Day God rested. 

Not from weariness, but in His profound wisdom,

Knowing His creation was all-sufficient 

From Genesis to Revelation. 

Even I labour to enter the rest of Christ

Who perfected all, and claimed it so in His last breath

Upon the cross, when He uttered “It is finished.”   

We need to ask God to intervene in human affairs, otherwise, our world will be susceptible to the influences of Satan and sin. God will ultimately bring his purposes to pass in the world-with or without our cooperation. He will find someone who agrees with His plans, but when you neglect to pray, you will fail to fulfil your role in His purpose. He does not want you to miss out on this privilege. James 4.2 says, “You do not have, because you do not ask God.”

Prayer is necessary to fulfil God’s purposes in the world and in our lives. As we embrace God’s will, live in the righteousness of Christ, and seek to fulfil His purposes, nothing will hinder our prayers and we will begin to understand that “with God all things are possible.”   (Matthew 19.26.) – Dr Myles Munroe. Daily Power and Prayer.

©Copyright Caroline Street Art/Poetry/Photography

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  1. Thank you Caroline. This is great. Your verse flows well and teaches well. Love the painting. The Lord Jesus has made all things possible if we cooperate with Him and obey Him. He truly has opened a door of abundant life for whosoever will. All glory to Him. Excellent series. Blessings

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