Exploring Multimedia Art

(This post features 18 multimedia images.)It is good to be back! I have not posted for some time, and although it has been on my mind, I just never got around to it. However, I have been busy painting and trying out some new media, which I have posted here.

1.Flowers and Fabric 2.An Herbaceous Still-Life 3.The Big Purple Flower Pot 4.Asian Lilies in a Spotted Vase 5.Flowers in Vase on Abstract Cloth

I love to design my own vases, (on paper). The brighter and bolder the better.

1. Fish Pond with Lilies 2. Blazing Glory 3. Exploring Spring 4.Five Daisies 6.Charming Spring Flowers
1.Kalanchoe Rose Flowers 2.Red Dahlia Abstract 3.Agave with Flowers

To not be touched by a garden

Reveals a stone-cold heart.

Little pieces of heaven glimpsed

Along a winding stone path;

Nature's fine and abstract art.

Unending inspiration for the creative;

“Light” and upliftment for the down at heart.

A garden will keep you spellbound

And has the power to quieten the mind.

Once such a variety of beauty is flaunted

The human spirit is constantly enchanted.❤

1.Blue Trumpet Flowers in a Floral Vase 2.Dianthus and Cherries 3.Roses in Sgraffito 4. Flowers Bright and Cherries Red 5.Two Green Apples.

The media used in all of these creations is coloured pen, ink, pastel, watercolor, coloured pencils and acrylic. Each creation is made up of two or more media.

Thank you for your time! Have a wonderful day! 

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