If at first you don’t see her, look again!

[This blog contains 5 engaging images.] I happened to see this female African Migrant (Catopsilia florella) butterfly in flight. If I was not in this fortunate position I would never have seen her settle (above) in the Snow Queen Hibiscus in my garden, as the shrub has many white leaves and this offers perfect camouflage... Continue Reading →



  BEAUTY FOR ASHES© Beaten down? I will raise you up and set your crown. Torn and forlorn? Have you noticed, there is always a new morn. Fearful and alone? I am with you, I will protect and save you. Sick and frail? I will be your guard rail - You will prevail. Do you... Continue Reading →

Macro Flower Photography (1)

  I am a flower fanatic and never miss an opportunity to photograph a flower - I have taken hundreds of pics of flowers and no doubt, will take hundreds more. Macro flowers require a little more focusing and concentration, but I find, determination overcomes all the obstacles associated with macro photography. The Glory Bower,... Continue Reading →

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