May my soul be like a flower.

"May my soul be like a flower; beautiful, yet humble; unique, timeous, bold and perfect. May it colour lives unselfishly, and bring joy to others, even if just for a moment. May it flourish in the 'light' and never wilt in shifting shadows, or die in darkness. May it continuously look up to the heavens... Continue Reading →

Beauty for Ashes.

BEAUTY FOR ASHES Beaten down? I will raise you up and set your crown. Hopeless and forlorn? There is always a new morn. Fearful and alone? I am with you, I will preserve you. Sick and frail? I will be your guard rail, You will prevail. Do you flounder in the dark? My light will... Continue Reading →

The same painting, but two different results.

I enjoy experimenting with art. Above and beneath you can two entirely different results of the same scene. The first painting (above) is created using organic material and paint.  I loved the result of this, however, it did pose a problem when the organic matter decayed, so I removed the leaves, which left an interesting... Continue Reading →

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