Mistletoe. Naturally Formed Wood Art

This piece of natural wood art has been in my parent's home ever since I can remember. My father, an artist, was out in the bush sourcing wood for his creations, when he saw a maroela tree with this uniquely shaped branch. He removed the branch from the tree and cleaned out the inside of... Continue Reading →

The Most Beautiful Food Source in Africa

[This post contains 36 Images.] The Impala is the most beautiful food source in Africa for every known predatory animal and bird. They are plentiful in all the wildlife parks. These photographs were taken in the Kruger National Park, South Africa. The size of the park is an area of 7,523 square miles (19,485 square... Continue Reading →

Stinky Starfish Flower Cactus

[This post features 11 images] STARFISH CACTUS (Stapelia grandiflora) is fascinating, not only because it is unusual as a land flower, but it emits the smell of carrion. This is not a carnivorous plant, but the stinky succulent has a powerful influence over insects drawn to the smell of carrion. The insects are transfixed by... Continue Reading →

A surprising visit from an African Harrier-Hawk

I often have unusual birds visit my garden, however, I was surprised to see this African Harrier-hawk hover for few seconds and then come to rest on the frond of a tall palm. They enjoy the fruit of the palm and scratch in the crevices for eggs and other tasty morsels. They are great climbers,... Continue Reading →

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