A Wandering Eye

[This post contains 13 images] There is much to photograph in nature, the choices are endless. I have found that the most surprising photos are the unplanned pics, the little scenes that pop up in the viewfinder. It would be something I did not particularly plan to photograph. This often happens when I am playing... Continue Reading →

A surprising visit from an African Harrier-Hawk

I often have unusual birds visit my garden, however, I was surprised to see this African Harrier-hawk hover for few seconds and then come to rest on the frond of a tall palm. They enjoy the fruit of the palm and scratch in the crevices for eggs and other tasty morsels. They are great climbers,... Continue Reading →

Snow Queens.

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis 'Snow Queen' SNOW QUEENS Arrayed in their finest corolla, snow queens gape from the height of the chaotic shrub. A few, inquisitive, spruced-up debutantes peep through dense variegated leaves, surveying the garden’s display and wildlife: what’s buzzing around or crawling on the ground. Others twist and twirl in all directions, perhaps to satisfy... Continue Reading →

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