The New Earth

THE NEW EARTH. A fantasy has not been told, but truth which must be extolled. The true account of eternal life and death, as revealed by Christ in Heaven to the apostle John in a vision, who set the prophecy down on parchment, known as the unquestionable Revelation. The day draws near when every eye... Continue Reading →

Macro Flower Photography

I am a flower fanatic and never miss an opportunity to photograph a flower. I have taken hundreds of pics of flowers and no doubt, will take hundreds more. Macro flowers require a little more focusing and concentration, but determination overcomes all the obstacles associated with macro photography. The Glory Bower, above left and right,... Continue Reading →

Abstract Nature Photography

I am a keen amateur photographer, and enjoy photographing nature from unusual angles.  To get pics like this, I usually go into my garden in the late afternoon when the shadows are long. Big-leafed shrubs usually have the best shadows, and the colours are accentuated with the play of light, resulting in some really abstract... Continue Reading →

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