BATIK; Know how to do this ancient and exciting art form.

Batik is an ancient art form.  I am not going to go into the history of this art as Google can tell you all you need to know, instead I am going to show you some of my batiks and tell you how to create a simple batik. If you are the creative type you... Continue Reading →


Macro Flower Photography (1)

  I am a flower fanatic and never miss an opportunity to photograph a flower - I have taken hundreds of pics of flowers and no doubt, will take hundreds more. Macro flowers require a little more focusing and concentration, but I find, determination overcomes all the obstacles associated with macro photography. The Glory Bower,... Continue Reading →

The same painting, but two different results.

I enjoy experimenting with art. Above and beneath you can two entirely different results of the same scene. The first painting is created using organic material and paint.  I loved the result of this, however, it did pose a problem when the organic matter decayed, so I removed the leaves, which left an interesting impression. ... Continue Reading →

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