Mystic Blue

Using blue in a painting, other than where it is considered natural, generally promotes feelings of depression, sadness and mystery. One of my favourite artists who went through a ‘blue period’ was Picasso, from 1901 to 1906.  All of his works during this time depict strong feelings of gloom and despair. The Absinthe Drinker (after... Continue Reading →

Roses in different mediums and styles.

[This post contains 11 images] I was one of those artists who avoided painting roses for many years. The first few miserable attempts I made, I found myself drowning in petals. It was all too confusing to say the least - the way the petals slip in behind each other - the gentle tapering curves... Continue Reading →

What is this ‘thing’ called LOVE?

THE RECIPE FOR LOVE We all have the ingredients for love!  How much do we require? Give it everything you have got!  INGREDIENTS - Sincerity. - Hate evil - love good. - Be devoted. - Honour others above yourself. - Be joyful in hope. - Be patient in affliction. - Share with others. - Be hospitable to all.... Continue Reading →

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