This post features twelve images. FLOWER FALL Flowers tumbling from the tree are pierced by the aloes beneath, a few are wedged in dark corners where they have gone to die. Several are scattered on the path like a broken wreath. Thankfully, the cycle of life is all but over! In their death song, each... Continue Reading →

A Wandering Eye

[This post contains 13 images] There is much to photograph in nature, the choices are endless. I have found that the most surprising photos are the unplanned pics, the little scenes that pop up in the viewfinder. It would be something I did not particularly plan to photograph. This often happens when I am playing... Continue Reading →

Stinky Starfish Flower Cactus

[This post features 11 images] STARFISH CACTUS (Stapelia grandiflora) is fascinating, not only because it is unusual as a land flower, but it emits the smell of carrion. This is not a carnivorous plant, but the stinky succulent has a powerful influence over insects drawn to the smell of carrion. The insects are transfixed by... Continue Reading →

Green Abstraction; Secret Nature

I don't think captions are necessary. I will let nature speak for itself! How curious can I possibly beTo envision a day upon a leaf.A Tom Thumb I would need to be!To hop and skip upon a frond -Yes! It is beyond belief! ~C.StreetExcerpt from, ‘Once Upon a Leaf.’ ©️ Copyright Caroline Street ArtPoetry Photography... Continue Reading →

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