The Cedars of Lebanon.

The painting of the 'Cedars of Lebanon' illustrates the poem, 'The Glory of Lebanon'. This is the 3rd Spiritual Place of Abundance. THE GLORY OF LEBANON. (3rd Spiritual Place of Abundance.) I ascend to the heights of Lebanon, A retreat from the heat of the plains, Exploring the high places of Adonai Where His majesty... Continue Reading →

They do not sow, nor reap, nor gather.

Birds have that something that is a little more challenging for me as an artist than most subjects.  I am a bird-lover and I guess the main reason why I am attracted to birds, besides their beauty, is their happiness!  Painting and photographing birds have filled many of my hours.  The featured image in this post... Continue Reading →

What is this ‘thing’ called LOVE?

THE RECIPE FOR LOVE We all have the ingredients for love!  How much do we require? Give it everything you have got!  INGREDIENTS - Sincerity. - Hate evil - love good. - Be devoted. - Honour others above yourself. - Be joyful in hope. - Be patient in affliction. - Share with others. - Be hospitable to all.... Continue Reading →

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