Frenzied Inspiration


Tossing and turning in my bed,

Ideas, ideas, churning in my head,

Words, words, the Word!

Concepts, creating, something I heard -

So much to do, do, do!

Inspiration has been triggered,

Which I must be pursue.

Grab the camera, pens and brushes;

Ideas bouncing around in my head -

Gotta hurry, hurry, hurry!

Impossible to focus or concentrate,

Brain waves - frenetic oscillations,

This is too much to contemplate -

Stamp, stamp my feet and shout -

No, that won't do!

Still hours to go, I want out -

Out of this sleepless night!

It's not insanity, all this mental activity -

A flood of ideas - this is good!

Another thought - maybe I could -

Yes! Outta bed, outta bed -

Am I becoming unglued?

Toss and turn, toss and turn,

A flick of the light switch -

Check the time for the fourth time,

3 am, come on dawn,

I'm eager to greet the morn

To set in motion

The ideas that night spawns.

~ Caroline Street.

Spectators: 1. Confidence 2. Anticipation 3. Defeat. (Oil.)

Why this Art for this post?

I was looking for a painting to describe the outcome of the feelings that I described in the poem, and these three paintings came to mind. The word frenzy can also be applied to the art.

These paintings are a study of the faces of spectators watching their favourite team, i.e., soccer, tennis, rugby, etc. Something most of us have seen on television or experienced first hand.

I must mention that the art was painted in a frenzy as well. I have never done three paintings in such quick succession. It took a day to do these. I really enjoyed the frenzy! Time seemed to stand still!

© Copyright Caroline Street Art/Poetry/Photography

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  1. How I love these paintings! They capture you and don’t let you go. Perhaps, it’s repetition that so much impresses you. Beautiful and so unique!

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