Moon Moods

I always look up at the sky in anticipation of seeing a moon bathed in mystery. This is not always so because of the weather and the positioning of the moon, but when I do encounter a misty moon, I fetch my camera and attempt to capture something of this excellent and exquisite phenomenon. If I find the moon so amazing, I cannot begin to imagine what early man must have thought of the moon!

The sun has bowed out and the moon is poised,

In the dead of night there is scarcely any noise.

Dark and misty, the clouds just an outline,

Vague twinkling points in the hazy moonshine.

A few eager bright stars show their position,

Or else they'll be lost in the dusty cosmos.


Excerpt from ‘Insomnia’.

©️ Copyright Caroline Street Art/Poetry/Photography.

6 thoughts on “Moon Moods

  1. Stunning and beguiling photos, Caroline! The ones with the clouds in front are incredibly mysterious and mystical. Wonderful. I enjoyed the poem excerpt and captures the spirit of the moon perfectly!

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