The Zany Zebra



Are the zebra stripes black on white
Or white on black? The question is indeed a classic, 
But there is no more disputing the fact.   
It’s white stripes on black as proved by genetics! 

The zebra is in the genus Equus, 
Yet a closer relative of the donkey!
So, in the grand scheme of Genesis
Who came first? Neither one,   
As they all have their own characteristics.  

The donkey and horse can be disciplined,    
But the aggressive zebra is not meant to be tied.
These creatures were created for freedom; to run wild!   
And only from a distance, to be admired. 

At their confident best are zebras within a dazzle*, 
Strutting their stripes through the open savannah.   
They not only look good, but are delicious too,
After all they are the lion's favourite food! 

*A group of zebras.

I love the gleam on the zebra! The stripes of a zebra is unlike any other. You might call it their unique ‘fingerprint’.
A dazzle. I have seen great herds of zebra, but they are usually seen in smaller groups. The stripes are camouflage against predators, and cats only see in black and white. It must be confusing for them when they are facing a herd!
A mare and foal grazing on good green grass. New born foals can stand after six minutes.
Beautiful, fearless and proud! There is nothing docile about a Zebra. This is why they are untameable. They are bad tempered and aggressive, and are not afraid to take on a fight, even with a lion. Zebras are fast too, and can reach a speed of 65km per hour!

I tried my hand at a painting of zebras. Zebra Mother and Foal. Mixed Media on paper. H320 x W400mm. Available.

©️ Copyright Caroline Street Art|Poetry|Photography.

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